Welcome to the Asian Studies Center

The Asian Studies Center is a global resource for research and education about Asia, as well as a regional center for building Asian connections. In partnership with over 100 affiliated faculty from across the university, we develop innovative research, foster community engagement, and create rigorous academic programming. Founded in 1969, the Center is widely recognized as one of the most comprehensive programs in Asian studies, with a focus on regional, transnational, and interdisciplinary scholarship.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Asian Studies Center staff is working remotely until further notice. However, we still love to hear from you! The easiest way to reach us is by email. Additionally, you can leave us voicemails--they will be delivered to our email inboxes as well! Our contact information can be found on the ASC staff page.

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Upcoming Events

China Studies

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Japan Studies

Pitt has a robust Japan Studies program.

Korea Studies

Korea Studies are taking off at Pitt and across the nation.

South Asian Studies

The ASC is expanding our South Asian studies offerings.

Southeast Asia Studies

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Central Asia

ASC is expanding our Central Asia offerings in cooperation with REEES.